In the line with the Electoral college Nigeria’s goal of creating a more informed electorate class as well as developing good and accountable  governance  (being that the major tenet of democracy).

The Electoral College in conjunction with donor agencies and Non partisan collaboration prepares to host the gubernatorial debate amongst the candidates contesting in the Kogi state and Bayelsa state.

These debates will hold in the respective states within the days leading up to the election. Candidates will be asked questions that clarify their position in state issues/policies and also show their plans for the state in the next four years if they emerge winners.

The purpose of the debate is to enable the electorates know the different candidates on a personal level beyond party affiliations and also deduce which candidate is best fit to lead the state on a part of progress in the next four years. The candidates in turn can thus be held accountable should they emerge victorious to the promises made in areas of reforms and development.

The debate will be broadcast live across the 36 states of the federation.

The debate also would be available on radio stations in local languages so as to enhance reach.

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