As Nigerian mark her 61st anniversary, the Executive Director of the Electoral College Nigeria (ECN), Kunle Lawal on behalf of the NGO, has called for development of political literacy and active participation in governance in the country.

Kunle made a call while speaking to journalist in commemoration of the independence day celebration with the theme; For the love of country which held at Four Points Sheraton in Lagos.

According to him, the electoral college Nigeria was to chart a new conversation and perspective especially at this time in our history where we are at the least united in our polity to remember that as a Nigerian,we have two godfathers- The Constitution and the Next Generation.

He said “We have three major targets namely; provision of political literacy for the Electoral (virtual or physical), reorienting elected officials with a prime focus on local governments in good governance and support for governance through collaboration with partners and the governance institutions.”


“The College has noted the average Nigerian no matter how educated is mostly politically illiterate, we are trying to bridge that gap as it’s key that the only way you can demand good governance is if you understand the way governance works and who exactly to hold for what function. We are self funded with no foreign intervention from well meaning Nigerians who love the country who understand that we need to build a nation.

He explained that the future of the country is vested in the narratives we embody in this present dispensation and we are fully committed to walking out if the Canoe of Diversity and walking the waters of diversity to greatness.

He also noted that It would be beneficial to the electoral college Nigeria if agencies/ministries of governance help the drive for good Governance and development of political literacy working with us and helping train local government council officers is key as the first handshake of governance to democracy and we could help bridge the gap.

Also speaking ,Deputy Director South west of the Electoral College Nigeria, Seyi Bella Ayeni, said Nigerians make up Nigeria, our politicians or people who hold public offices are all Nigerians so we need to be self-aware, correct ourselves, be good people in other to be good leaders.

“It takes reinventing ourselves as individuals and as Nigerians to build up a good system so electoral college is all about creating self-awareness in the everyday Nigeria but you need to self developed, be a good person in other to lead right.”

She called on all Nigerians irrespective of their chosen field of endeavors or careers to always do their bid and offer strong support to make Nigeria have a strong standing.

Other great Nigerians like; Bishop Feb Idahosa, Councilor Mabel Ogundayo of London borough, UK, Jude “M.I” Abaga, Hon Seyi Adisa of the Oyo state House of Assembly, Eric Akpo (SA to the Executive Governor of Crossriver), Oloruntoyosi thomas (S.A to the kwara state governor) and many more graced and spoke at the event.