The Good Governance Group (G3), a group aimed at building human capacity in the political space, has harped on youth involvement in politics and knowledge of the constitution for effective participation in governance.

During a training at the Global Impact Church in Lagos theme: “Constitutional review”, the group stated that there is need for Nigerians to be aware of the document that binds the nation to ensure productivity across sectors of the economy.

The group stated that the agitation for constitutional review should not be considered as what determines good governance is attitudinal change.

Speaking at the event, Co-ordinator of the group, Joseph Adewale Rennaiye, said to deal with issues, it is always best to go to the root cause which is the objective of the training.

“This is why G3 is talking about the constitution which is an unemotional document. it is Basic in our lives and no matter our views or temperament; the law is the law. What we consider important is how knowledgeable people are about the laws that bind us together. That knowledge will help a lot of us on how to engage ourselves,” he said.

He added that reports show that the nation’s productivity has been low as Nigeria remains a net import nation.

While addressing participants, one of the facilitators who doubles as a creative entrepreneur and social activist, Ferdy Ladi Adimefe, noted that one of the root causes of the country’s problem is lack of ability to hold public office holders accountable to bills that would transform the economy.

“There is a need to educate the people about the constitution and how it has the ability to impact the economy and lives of the citizens. Because if the government is talking about fixing unemployment, they should first talk about how we change the bills that would drive industrialisation which are the fundamentals that are essentially lacking.”

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Electoral College in Nigeria, Kunle Lawal has called on the youth to be strategic in order to clinch power in the coming elections.

He said: “youth must understand strategically on how to position themselves on the path of leadership. They must learn to work together and most of all they must have character. I have noticed the problem the youth have is lack of character, they are quick to pull people down on social media and this does not help in getting to leadership. It is a tactical game and they need to infiltrate the system.”

Source: TheGuardian