About Us

The Electoral College Nigeria is a non-partisan/non-governmental initiative of The Emerging Leaders Advancement Forum (TELAF) that is the brainchild of a few young Nigerians that span from politics, patriotism, development professionals, to every day Nigerians, born of a void of ideological democracy in Nigeria.

Initiators of the Electoral College of Nigeria all participated in pre and post 2019 elections as candidates, observers and voting Nigerians and regardless of their location within the country, the following things were prevalent

  1. Poor Civic Education
  2. Lack of trust for the system
  3. Political candidates rarely understood the positions they contested for
  4. Party affiliations were placed above governance
  5. Voters apathy

It is in response to an urgent need of not only the electorate, candidates, political parties but a need for good governance that the idea of The Electoral College of Nigeria was conceived.