The Electoral College

This initiative has three focal points

Governance Deliverables

The process of turning an idea, reform, plan, bill, or core responsibilities into reality can be challenging. Without effective implementation, even the most brilliant ideas remain mere concepts. It is through implementation that the impact of ideas can be felt by the electorate.

The Electoral College of Nigeria plays a crucial role in facilitating this smooth transition, fostering a synergy between elected officials and the constituents who placed them in positions of power.

Electoral College

This is a school virtual and physical that seeks to educate, reorient and provide all spheres of politeracy to candidates, political party members, delegates and the electorate in general.
It covers courses from campaign funding, Strategy, messaging to voters apathy.
The school has its structure and functionality as in any college of repute.
We understand that this is a Herculean task and are open to partnerships and collaborations that are non partisan and do not represent the goals of any particular individual

Civic education

There is a need for “politeracy” (political literacy). People lack understanding about political parties, their responsibilities, and the importance of political participation beyond voting.

To address this, the Electoral College of Nigeria will:

1. Conduct seminars/town-hall meetings.
2. Establish a school for aspirants.
3. Develop programs using traditional and social media to educate the electorate.
4. Organize candidate debates at all levels.

These efforts aim to promote political literacy and enhance citizens’ understanding of political parties and participation in governance.


As a non-governmental organization committed to non-profit objectives and devoid of political favoritism, the Electoral College relies on the generosity of donors like you. By contributing to our cause, you play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals.

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