Welcome To The Electoral College Nigeria

We are a non-partisan/non-governmental initiative of The Emerging Leaders Advancement Forum (TELAF)

Why We Exist

The idea of The Electoral College of Nigeria was conceived as a response to the urgent need for good governance, not only for the electorate, candidates, and political parties but for the entire country.

The founders of Electoral College of Nigeria are individuals with firsthand experience as candidates, observers, and voters in Nigeria’s pre and post-2019 elections. Regardless of their location, they observed several prevalent issues, such as poor civic education, lack of trust in the system, political candidates’ inadequate understanding of the positions they contested for, and party affiliations being prioritized over governance.

How we’re tackling these issues

Civic Education

There is a need for politeracy (political Literacy) in Nigeria. People do not the difference between politics and governance.

Electoral College

This is a virtual and physical school that seeks to educate, reorient and provide all spheres of politeracy to candidates and citizens in order to promote active participation in governance.

Governance Deliverables

 The transition of an initiative, reform, plan, bill and core responsibilities from an idea to established and tangible institutions, laws and structures among other things.

Hosting the Lagos Gubernatorial Election 2023

To change the perspective of political debates while ensuring the government parameters are met, the electoral college delivered the Lagos gubernatorial debate 2023, which reached across all strata of society while ensuring candidates stuck to the jurisdiction of the offices.

The job of the Electoral College Nigeria and others in the governance space is massive, for CSOs functioning without a grant base what’s key to our success virtually and on the field is volunteers.
You too can be a part of the paradigm shift in governance.

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