Oluwaseyi Ayeni Olaogun

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OluwaseyiAyeni Olaogun

Deputy Director- South West

Oluwaseyi Ayeni Olaogun

Seyi is sagacious, focused and determined individual that exhibits a high level of self-motivation and flexibility, with the drive to deliver any tasks or projects to results. She is equipped with great communication and persuasive skills with a solid record of delivering set objectives. Seyi is a highly organised and detail-oriented individual with experience in supplying thorough organised administrative support. An individual who continually maintains a positive attitude while interacting with everyone, and goes above and beyond basic tasks. Blessed with an excellent work ethic and strength in boosting morale.

Seyi is a passionate humanist who is keen on dedicating herself to the service of mankind in every aspect of her occupation and work she does. A lawyer by profession called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015, Seyi began her career at Afriasia Transatlantic Limited in Abuja as an Oil and Gas Legal Analyst. She then proceeded to work at the National Judicial Council (NJC), from where she joined NATCOM Development Investments as a Commercial Law Analyst up to 2019. She has since established SB Limited, her own company and began an entrepreneurial journey.

Seyi also founded Seyi Bella Foundation, an organisation committed to empowering and enabling youths and also creating awareness about the legal rights of every citizen. She also worked on ALERT NIGERIA, holding seminars for women on women entrepreneurship encouragement and empowerment.

She is also very well educated. She got her first Diploma from the University of Leeds UK, before going for a degree in Law from the prestigious University of Buckingham. She got a Master’s degree, LLM in International Commercial Law with a speciality in Oil and Gas from the same University of Buckingham in 2014.

She serves as the Deputy Director- South West of the Electoral College