Prince Godswill Edward Osim

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Prince Godswill Edward Osim

Prince Godswill Edward Osim was born into the family of His Royal Majesty the Paramount ruler of Abi LGA and Clan head of Usumutong, Cross River state as the seventh prince of the kingdom.

A graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Calabar; Cross-River state. He is currently a Master’s of Arts (M. A) student at the University of Calabar with special interest in Africa Social and Economic History.

He has over fifteen (15) years of proven experience for which he has acquired technical and practical skills on project coordination, planning, and community based development activities as well as implementation of community level sensitization and awareness creation on issues of Youth Development, Environment & Gender & Sustainable Development. This Experience and Process has exposed him to community intervention project planning, implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

He has worked and garnered several experience both in Government, Humanitarian and Development work. He is the Chief Executive Officer EddyLiz Nigeria LTD, a business development conglomerate, the founder of Eddyliz Printz Express LTD, Prince 7 Youth Development Initiative (a foundation for youth Entrepreneurship development), Prince 7 Youth Movement (an advocacy group for inclusion of youth in leadership and public policy), He is a Trustee of the Okegbe Obo Foundation and G7 Patriots International.

He is an astute administrator & Diplomat who has worked in the Office of the Governor of Cross River state in the capacity of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Development, He has worked In the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Policy and Planning Division, Middle East and Gulf Division.

He has received numerous National and global awards like The Nigeria Peace Ambassador from the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Most Influential Peoples of Africa Decent under Forty class of 2018 (MIPAD) award, the West Africa Philanthropist award in Charity and Youth Development, Special Recognition for developing Nollywood from the African Film Development Awards etc. and has also presented many papers at different fora’s and as well has endeavored in many consultancies which has placed his name on the Marble of Sustainable Youth Development in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. He has organized activities that has brought lime light to many youths in Nigeria: Face of Eddyliz Pageant Competition (Annual event), Prince 7 Basket Competition (Dec. 2013), Prince 7 Soccer Competition (Nov. 2013), Search for the unknown Seed (Dec. 2012) and Street Kids In Sports (Annual event), Prince 7 Abi/Yakurr Sports & Entertainment Festival etc. this activities were/are a platform for the active and meaningful participation of youths in self-discovery and development.